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Full Circle Living is a way of living with greater awareness that our well-being is connected to the well-being of all. It can be succinctly thought of as a conscientious effort to consider everyone our neighbor, and include everyone in the circle of those we care about. Because we aim to widen our circle to include our community, our country, and the world, we call this becoming part of a Universal Neighborhood.


We are committed to doing our best to live the reality of continuously expanding our circle of who we treat as ourselves, locally and globally. Our overarching interest is in “leveling the playing field,” i.e., narrowing the gap between those who have abundant opportunities and resources and those who lack comparable opportunities and resources. These disparities are evidenced in poverty, disease, lack of education, economic discrimination, hazardous environments and absence of basic human rights. We recognize these are interconnected and also massive, entrenched conditions not readily addressed, much less resolved. Nevertheless, it is our human purpose to try. 

Our order of emphasis aligns with Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs:
















Opportunity and resource disparities are amplified for women and girls. We believe that bringing “feminine” influence into equal balance with the “masculine” is the best way to accelerate addressing these disparities. Significant gender imbalance in making critical decisions that affect society exists today. For there to be any hope for this Universal Neighborhood, we collectively need to ensure women have an equal footing with men and we need to fully unleash the economic and leadership power of women. Considering our interests, connections, knowledge and awareness, the four ways that FCL can have optimal impact are (promote): 1.) Gender Balance, 2.) Economic Opportunity for Women, 3.) Leadership by Women, while 4.) Concentrating in Under-Resourced Countries, Regions and Communities.


We typically de-emphasize organizations that already have well-developed bases of support. Wherever possible, we want to be connected to efforts where we can experience the work and feel the heart and energy of the organizations, individuals, and projects, and particularly support founders and visionaries, and in turn be transformed ourselves. Based on research and due diligence, we give preference to organizations and projects where women fill at least 50% of leadership, governing and advisory roles. We personally involve ourselves in organizations that we feel particularly assured are bringing about positive change and are, at the same time, doing no harm. We concentrate our personal and financial resources to stay in harmony with our intent to do all we can to “level the playing field,” with maximum impact.

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