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Yoga in all its forms is becoming more popular with young and old people everywhere, and more people are learning about Feng Shui principles of arranging our everyday living spaces. Yoga began centuries ago in India, and the most typical translation of the word is "union." Feng Shui began centuries ago in China and is, most simply, about harmony. It's fascinating that this symbol is associated with both philosophies.

In doing research on this symbol, most often referred to as "Yin-Yang," the over-arching explanation of this principle is that Yin-Yang is the foundation of the entire universe, underlying everything in creation. The two halves are in complete, precise, inverse proportion to each other. One side is called "feminine" and the other side is called "masculine." And countless people throughout the centuries have believed that the foundation of the entire universe depends on "feminine" and "masculine" being in exact proportion.

yin yang.jpg

Yin - Yang Symbol

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